Finding the Right Book Publisher

Your publishing company and who every you choose to be your book cover maker will be critical on your path to publishing your work. Remember, self-publishing companies are in this to make money. There is nothing wrong with that. All companies are in business to make money, but keep your wits about you. You will likely be pressured or urged to upgrade your package to something that includes a lot of things you don’t need at all. Before you spend money on extras like business cards and book cover art, make sure it will come back to you and you’ll get a return on your investment. The best strategy is to choose only the packages recommended on this website. Most upgrades are overpriced and will not actually get you extra sales at all, making it a bad investment. It’s usually best to avoid the more expensive options and stick with the best value choice available.

There are several well-priced companies out there that have had their fair share of successful books, which only proves you don’t need to spend your life saving to get published. Below is a bullet pointed list of the only things that really matter when you’re making a decision. The list is longer than I’d like, but you really can’t afford to ignore anything on it. We’re talking about your book here, so we know there’s a lot at stake and your due diligence is worth every minute.

  • The sales of their other published books
  • What do they offer in the way of formatting
  • What are the cover design options
  • What is the quality of the binding
  • Where will the book be available for sale?
  • Are book stores offered discounts? How much?
  • What do you make in royalties
  • Don’t be confused by publisher website sales—you won’t ever have any.
  • How long is it going to take for your book to be for sale?
  • How is the price of the book set? Is it reasonable?
  • Can you buy copies yourself? How much are they?